Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brownfrown origins - The High Chief

The High Chief Billigan Brownfrown is yet another alter-ego of mine.  It was the Bags of Swag stage name that i came up in the bands infancy.  I wanted to come up with some kind of character/logo for him, remember i have zero drawing skills and just enough Photoshop skills to make some crappy art.  I thought it would be funny if Chief Wahoo (the Cleveland Indians mascot) were to have a marijuana leaf headdress, and it turned out i was right as seen below.

a face you can trust

When i started up the cartoon i needed a body for this pretty face.  I always thought he would look real smooth in a tuxedo, kinda like James Bond, and once again i was right as you can see.
suave young go-getter

Now that looks like a man who can get things done, but turns out all he could do was one lousy pilot that never got aired.  So once again i charged my lovely girlfriend with the task of coming up with an original sketch that i could use in my cartoon without fear of getting sued by a major baseball organization.  The results are a shown below.

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