Saturday, September 17, 2011

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yarr ya scurvy seadogs.  Team Brownfrown is hear to wish all ye landlubbers a happy and prosperous Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

National Waffle Day

Who doesn't like a good waffle?  The Brownfrown sure do!  Here's a tasty pic in honor of National Waffle Day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Season two intro

Production on season two is well underway.  Soon enough you will be able to get your Brownfrown fix when the boys go on all new adventures. So to help wet you wistles here is a sneak peak of the brand spankin new intro.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brownfrown origins - The High Chief

The High Chief Billigan Brownfrown is yet another alter-ego of mine.  It was the Bags of Swag stage name that i came up in the bands infancy.  I wanted to come up with some kind of character/logo for him, remember i have zero drawing skills and just enough Photoshop skills to make some crappy art.  I thought it would be funny if Chief Wahoo (the Cleveland Indians mascot) were to have a marijuana leaf headdress, and it turned out i was right as seen below.

a face you can trust

When i started up the cartoon i needed a body for this pretty face.  I always thought he would look real smooth in a tuxedo, kinda like James Bond, and once again i was right as you can see.
suave young go-getter

Now that looks like a man who can get things done, but turns out all he could do was one lousy pilot that never got aired.  So once again i charged my lovely girlfriend with the task of coming up with an original sketch that i could use in my cartoon without fear of getting sued by a major baseball organization.  The results are a shown below.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Season 1 Episode 6 - Cache of Swag

     One of my favorite leisure time activities is geocaching.  For those of you in the know, then you already understand and possibly share my obsession.  For those of you who are wondering what the hell geocaching is, I'll explain.  Geocaching is a   globally played sport/game/treasure hunt that people all over the world participate in.  The way it works is that someone hides a container, could be Tupperware, tin, metal or whatever else they can come up with, out on the woods or any other outdoor location.  The container, or cache, contains at the least a log book in which the people who find it can sign their name to signify that they found it.  A larger cache can contain trinkets, or swag, that cachers can trade.  Once the cache is hidden, the owner of the cache records the coordinates with a hand held gps and posts them on  Anyone with a gps, preferably handheld, can go on the website and get the coordinates and find the cache.

     My band, the Bags of Swag,  decided to put out a cache as a way to give away free Cd's.  We made up a bunch of Cd's and put them in little homemade swag bags that we made.  We stuck them into a large ammo can along with a bunch of other swag.  We went out to our nearest park and hid it, making sure to take plenty of pictures to document the hunt and to use as backgrounds for a FAB episode.  This episode of The Brownfrowns was initially created as a step by step hint to find the Cache of Swag.

For more info on geocaching, please visit

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brownfrown origins - The Captain

     There is no great mystery to the Captain Billiam Brownfrown origin.  I wish i could tell you some great awe-inspiring tale right here, but that's just not the case.  The truth is that it all started with a simple Halloween costume.
      For the longest time, my friends and i had this strange fixation with talking like a pirate.  I don't know why, we just did.  Flash forward several years, and i get invited to this big Halloween party.   I needed a great costume, but what?  It then came to me, why not dress like a pirate.  I put my mom's expert sewing skills to work, low and behold a perfect costume.
     I actually used this image in the original pilot episode which i will get around to posting someday.  I wanted to make more cartoons, but i didn't want to keep using this image.  That's where my kick-ass girlfriend came into play.  Tho she'll never admit it, she is quite the skilled artist.  She was kind enough to draw the characters for me.  Here are the original Captain Billiam Brownfrown Sketches.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Season 1 Episode 5 - The Bar

     Everybody handles the loss of a friend differently.  Some people choose to shut down, others bury themselves in work to cope with the grief.  Captain Brownfrown chooses to drink his sorrows away.  You can check it out in this FAB episode, The Bar.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Season 1 Episode 4 - The Concert

     Have you eve been to a concert?  Sure who hasn't.  Have you ever gotten wasted at a concert and danced around like a buffoon?  Well the Brownfrowns sure have, and it's documented here in The Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns episode, The Concert.  I had come across the music track while going through some old Bags of Swag recordings.  I thought it was a real toe-tapper and it turns out the Brownfrowns do too.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bags Of Swag

    It has come to my attention that a lot of people are wondering who or what in the hell the Bags of Swag are.  Well I'm glad you ask.  As it turns out, the Bags of Swag are a killer band out of Charlotte, NC.  They make crunchy atmospheric jams that border on industrial and psychedelia.  The Bags of Swag were also gracious enough to supply the Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns theme music entitled 8-bit Swag.  In case you were wondering, yes i am a member of the BOS faction.  Well i hope that clears it up.

For further information go to where you can also catch up on some FAB episodes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Season 1 Episode 3 - Booty

      Back in the day, a pirate would plunder a town and rob it of its booty (treasure in laymen terms).  They would then take their booty to a remote location, usually a deserted island, and bury it till the coast is clear.  They would make some kind of a crude map so they could find later after the heat died down. 

     What happens when the map is lost you ask?  Good question!  We're about to find out in this episode of The Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns, Booty.  The Captain looses his booty, and the laughs roll on.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Season1 Episode 2 - Extreme Brownfrown

     Ever since i was a kid i have always been obsessed with skateboarding.  I used to eat, breathe, and sleep skateboarding.  I loved everything about it.  The feel of the board under my feet, the sound of the wheels rolling on the pavement, and the sight of sparks shooting off the trucks as they grind a metal rail; however, i was never very good at it.  That's why its good to have your own cartoon.  It gets me a chance to live vicariously through these little guys, the Brownfrowns.

     In this episode, the Captain learns the dangers of ingesting too much energy drink and hijinks are soon to follow.  I present to you  The Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns episode 2 Extreme Brownfrown.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Season 1 Episode1 - The Stuff

Here for your viewing pleasure is the not so historic episode that started it all.  That's right, it's The Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns epic first episode The Stuff.  Whether you have seen it a hundred times or this is your first time, you are in for a real treat.  In this episode, the Brownfrowns do a little back alley dealing, and comedy ensues. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Brownfrowns

   Greetings friends and welcome to the new home of the Brownfrowns.  I have started this blog to help give the Brownfrowns a little home of their own.  I will start out by posting season 1 of The Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns.  This will also be a source for exclusive Brownfrown material such as original artwork and whatever else we can come up.  As always you can still watch full episodes of The Further Adventures of the Brownfrowns as well as listen to some killer music at  or check them out on our youtube page as well as view some original music videos courtesy of the  Bags of Swag.  Enjoy!